WP Dashboard Options

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After activating the plugin, you will see two new items on the WordPress dashboard, which are designed to help you manage your portfolio and customize the plugin settings.

Portfolio #

This is the custom portfolio post type added by the plugin. If you want to make use of the portfolio feature, you should add your portfolio items and categories in this section. The portfolio post type enables you to create a visually appealing and well-organized display of your work, making it easy for your website visitors to browse and appreciate your projects. More details about adding and managing portfolio items and categories can be found in the next section of the documentation.

Powerfolio #

This is the settings section of the plugin, which offers four sub-menus to help you tailor the plugin’s appearance and functionality according to your needs:

  1. Powerfolio: This section contains some instructions and customization options for the plugin. Currently, it has only one customization option for the color scheme, but this option has been discontinued since it is now possible to customize colors directly in the portfolio element. This allows for more flexibility in matching the portfolio styling with your website’s design.
  2. Contact Us: This is a user-friendly contact form where you can get in touch with our team for any inquiries, feedback, or suggestions.
  3. Support Forum: This is a link to the WordPress.org support forum, where you can open a support ticket and discuss any issues, ideas, or tips with other users of the plugin. The support forum is a valuable resource for learning from the experiences of other users and getting advice from the plugin’s community.
  4. Upgrade: If you want to access more features and enjoy premium support, you can upgrade to the PRO version directly from your WordPress dashboard. We use the Freemius platform for transactions (https://freemius.com/), ensuring a secure and seamless upgrade process. Keep in mind that upgrading to the PRO version is entirely optional, and you can continue using the free version of the plugin if it meets your needs.

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