How to display your portfolio gallery in a page

Adding Your Portfolio to a WordPress Page #

Once you have added items to your portfolio, it’s time to display the portfolio grid on one of your website’s pages. This grid will showcase a list of your portfolio items in a grid format, offering various customization options and the ability to filter items by categories.

Currently, there are three methods for adding the portfolio grid to a WordPress page:

  1. Using a shortcode with the classic WordPress editor
  2. Using the Portfolio (Powerfolio) block with the Gutenberg editor
  3. Using the Portfolio Widget (Powerfolio) with the Elementor Page Builder

We will go through each of these options in detail, explaining how to implement them on your website.

Using a Shortcode with the Classic WordPress Editor #

If you are using the classic WordPress editor, you can easily add the portfolio grid to your page using a shortcode. This is a simple piece of code that you can insert directly into your page’s content. We will provide the shortcode and instructions for using it in the following section.

Using the Portfolio (Powerfolio) Block with the Gutenberg Editor #

For those who prefer the Gutenberg editor, you can add the portfolio grid by using the Portfolio (Powerfolio) block. This block allows you to easily customize and add the grid directly from the Gutenberg interface. In the next section, we will walk you through the steps of adding and configuring the block.

Using the Portfolio Widget (Powerfolio) with the Elementor Page Builder #

Finally, if you are using the Elementor Page Builder, you can add the portfolio grid to your page using the Portfolio Widget (Powerfolio). This widget provides a seamless integration with Elementor, allowing you to drag and drop the portfolio grid into your layout. We will cover the process of adding and customizing the widget in a subsequent section.

In the following pages, we will explain each of these methods in detail, providing step-by-step instructions to help you successfully add the portfolio grid to your WordPress page.

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